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Welcome to the Anti-Social.

I have to apologize to everyone in the world, but especially people I'm supposed to send mail to, as I have been a lousy correspondent due to endless eleven- and twelve-hour workdays and that's only going to continue for the next little bit while we try to get Stranglehold out the freakin' door already. I am sorry, though. (Possibly even more for me than for you. I'll go make video games for a living, I said, it'll be fun, I said...)

The only thing that's been keeping me sane is playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in the rare gaps when I'm not working or sleeping. Here's a sketch of my character; this is about the only thing I've drawn in at least a month. I did it tonight in celebration of completing the quest to cure vampirism. PROTIP: If you get bitten by a vampire in this game, go get it fixed right away. If you carelessly go to sleep while infected and end up turning into a full-fledged vampire, you would not believe the rigamarole you have to go through to get cured. It's doubly painful if you'd spent an hour in the character creation tool's face generator managing to make someone who doesn't look like they're suffering from some horrible skin disease, and then the vampirism ruins all your hard work.

This is newly un-vampired Samantha. Not bad for my more "realistic" work in that she's only about fifty percent wall-eyed. I am coming around to the viewpoint that I really need to take some art lessons, though.

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