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If you'll excuse me, I have to see a man named Yar about some revenge.

All right then. I guess this thing works.

So, this is my new online journal. I had an old one a while back I used to maintain manually but it was kind of a hassle to deal with and in the end exquisitely pointless in a cheap, commodified world, kind of like building your own car out of scrap metal or trying to run Linux. Oh, zing! I will use this LiveJournal to post links to interesting stuff, upload comics that I draw, and occasionally put on small puppet shows (also available for birthdays and bar mitzvahs -- call for advance scheduling!) Bloviating, political or personal, will be kept to a minimum because I'm not very good at it. I might talk about video games sometimes, though, as I make them for a living.

That is all. You may go on about your business.
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