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Am I nuts here?

I have a question I gotta throw out there. This is a theme I've been noticing in books and media lately, especially SF, and it's bothering me; bothering me a lot. Am I the only one? I can give you an example of it, and you can tell me if I'm crazy or not. Here we go:

Picture this. Somebody (somebody human, that is) arranges for an object to hit the Earth in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The resulting mega-tsunami is the worst catastrophe ever in modern times. As it hits the coasts around the Atlantic with little warning, tens of millions of people are killed immediately. Whole cities are completely wiped off the map. Many of the affected nations, including the United States, are unable to deal with the crisis and collapse into anarchy and civil war. As a knock-on effect of all this, the economy of the whole world falls into a terrible depression.

Given this, the greatest crime ever committed in the history of the world... wouldn't you be very interested in the question of who did it?

Wouldn't you be creeped out by someone who didn't care who did it?

Or is it just me?
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