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I am so post-modern I make the Jetsons look like the Flintstones.

Busy. Very busy. Working late alla time, not much room left for anything else. Though, I did start NetFlix'ing Firefly the other day. (I'd never seen it when it was on, you understand. First exposure to the franchise was the movie.) I've only watched the first episode so far, but... man, anybody who didn't instantly recognize this as one of those TV series that the network goes all-out to kill hasn't been watching television in this country very much. This thing had "early cancellation" written all over it. It never had a chance.

Good, though.

Anyway, some leenks:

1. If you ever wanted to see every body in the solar system more than 200 miles across, well, today's your lucky day. My, the Solar System certainly is full of things.

2. Galaxion is an indie comic book I read and enjoyed back in the day. The explictly acknowledged Star Blazers inspiration didn't hurt, but even putting that aside it was a sci-fi space mystery with appealing art and characters. It went the way of every independent comic ever (remind me to share my rant on the economics of indie comics sometime) but I was surprised and pleased to discover that after all this time it had returned, this time as a webcomic. Now all I need is for Adam Warren to decide to make a Dirty Pair webcomic and I am set.

3. While we're at it, Stardrop is an amusing little bagatelle by the artist of Thieves and Kings. I was so totally not able to get into Thieves and Kings it's not even funny (probably the fault's on my end, not the comic's) -- but Stardrop, I must say, is rather cute, and has 100% more space princesses. Give it a spin.
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