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Death ray, fiddlesticks! Why, it doesn't even slow them up.

So I was honestly a bit dubious going in, but by the end I quite liked Adam Warren's Empowered. The odd thing is that, being as I am quite the prude, I'm not generally a fan of blue humor -- I would cheerfully kill as many people as was necessary to get out of a theater showing American Pie, for example -- and this "sexy superhero comedy" is, as promised, absolutely packed with the stuff. And yet this book... this book has some of the cleanest dirty jokes I've ever read. For whatever reason I totally dug it.

Anyway, in lieu of interesting life events I'll give you interesting links instead.

1. Baumol's cost-disease is a theorem that suggests the economics of the performing arts (theater, live concerts, orchestras, and so on) will always get worse over time. This is because while most other parts of the economy become more productive -- that is, get more work out of fewer people -- that's not possible for the performing arts for obvious reasons, and so labor costs will go up relative to the rest of the economy until they become unsustainable.

2. Flaky Pastry is a great new webcomic from the distant, magical land of Quebec. Well, it's new to me, I guess it's been around a little while since it's up to around #104 or so. It's sort of about these fantasy archetypes, you know, dragons and goblins and elves and whatnot, except they're in this modernistic world that... No, wait! Come back! I'm describing it badly. It's just a very funny and charming comic and the art is distinctive and gorgeous, so, you know, read it and stuff. Might as well start from the first page, in fact.

3. Summer in City 17 is a rather beautiful video made using Garry's Mod for Half-Life 2. I really want to get a new video card someday so I can see those bloom and HDR effects.

4. Frankly, the sequels take the concept a lot farther than is really sustainable, but the original Pink Five is moderately amusing.
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