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Adam Warren has a DeviantArt page!

I like to think that as I've gotten older I've settled down about such things -- not that I was ever that flaky in the first place -- but I can't help it, when it comes to Warren I'm still just a fanboy at heart. Book 3 of A Plague of Angels was my first exposure to manga-style artwork and my drawing style was irrevocably changed after that. I eventually managed to scrape together my own distinct style, of sorts, but that's where it all goes back to.

Browsing through all the stuff on Warren's page at first made me feel inspired to spend all weekend working on Afterlife Blues, and then perhaps a little bit intimidated when I thought about it some more. The thing is, AB is (from an artistic perspective) an insanely ambitious project. It's not that the story is long, it's just that I want the composition to be better, the action to be better, the detail to be fifty times better... When I picture AB in my head it's glorious; it measures up to even what Warren can draw. But when I look at my rather feeble sketches so far I fear there's no way they can live up to what I'm imagining.

If I could create a single page, or heck, even a single panel to prove I can do what I want to do, make it look as good as I want it to look... well, then maybe I'll have some confidence. I suppose I should try doing that, then.

(Hey, I used the new "afterlife blues" tag for this LJ entry! A glorious new era is starting now!!)
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