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MoS update.

It is here. Only two more pages after this one... and then I can rest...

Two other items I wish to mention:

1. Have started playing Rogue Galaxy. Am enjoying it so far because no matter how hokey and ramshackle it may be I'm a sucker for a story about a guy who just wants to go into space. That said, the story begins with our hero on a poor, enslaved desert planet*... and my immediate reaction was: man, I bet it's nice and warm on that enslaved desert planet. I wish I was a slave on a desert planet. I bet I'd be warm too.

* And I already made the joke about going to Toschi Station to pick up some power converters, so don't even go there.

2. So we've presumably all heard about that Aqua Teen Hunger Force guerilla-marketing gimmick that created a general bomb panic in the city of Boston. I am going to bravely diverge from Internet conventional wisdom and say that I hope for long jail terms for everyone involved, because a) the people behind this whole scheme turn out to be be basically assholes (pardon my French, but criminy, just look at them) and b) Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a terrible, unfunny show. I can think of few better targets for the unjust, indiscriminate brutality of state power than guerilla marketers and the late night Adult Swim lineup, so I say bring it on.

Addendum: At press time Google News implies that those two have been released without charges and Turner Broadcasting will pay basically a formality in fines in exchange for this global publicity bonanza. There is no justice in this world.
Tags: a miracle of science, games, media, news of the world
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