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MoS update.

Right over here.

I did today's page while watching 24 on TV -- televised background noise helps me to draw, for some reason. Never seen the show before, you understand, so I figured this was a good time to check it out. And, hmm, they do kind of draw you into the story, don't they? It's such cheese, and yet it was barely half an hour into the show before I was yelling at the morons in the (TV) White House, look, Jack Bauer's forgotten more about jamming a shiv into a man's leg to make him talk than you'll ever know, so if Jack Bauer says you've got the wrong guy, you've got the wrong guy, okay?? I can just tell the plot's going to reach stratospheric heights of absurdity before it's all over, but bad luck -- I'm the guy who could rationalize Independence Day, compared to which 24 is nothing. So bring it on!
Tags: a miracle of science, comics, media
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