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The votes are in!

I'm wiped out from endless long hours of work, but checking my email brought a startling reminder. The IFComp voting is over and Star City wins... thirteenth place? With a resoundingly average overall rating? Wow. Hmm. Um.

Well, given my newbie status I think I shall interpret that as "shows some promise." Yeah, that's actually not so bad at all.

It may be some time before I can screw together enough courage to read any reviews, though.

Oh, who am I kidding. They'd have to tie me up to keep me from lunging out and finding them. ...Tomorrow, that is.

Oh, who am I kidding. I just looked up some on As I belatedly realized would happen, the flight sim gave people a lot of grief and probably took me down a couple places in the ranking. A bridge too far, perhaps? But the writing got compliments -- that's kinda heartening. I've always figured the writing is the hardest part to get right in a game like this.
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