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Why I don't write about politics much.

Although I may give the impression of bemused detachment, I actually have a lot of fairly strong political opinions. I don't like to share them in this medium, though, mostly for one big reason: power imbalance.

I'll explain.

Now, an LJ that maybe eighty or ninety people at most read is hardly "power," but in this context, I'm in charge. I can declaim revealed truth down from the mountaintop of the Original Post, and while people can object in the comments it's still nothing compared to the scale of actually controlling this LJ. As well, I assume that most people don't come here for political wittering; they come here to catch A Miracle of Science updates, see sketchy art, read vague video game-related rambling, keep up on Star City and other Inform game progress, or indulge their nerd fetish. Well, okay, I'm just sort of wishing that last one was true. So anyway we have a situation where people can wander by for some completely unrelated purpose, and get bashed in the face with an Opinion they weren't expecting and can't effectively counter. What fun is that?

I know it drives me up the wall when I'm reading some LJ or blog post on a topic of interest, cruising along with the writer enjoying the subject, and then they casually sideswipe me with some remark about how everyone who believes in X is Evil or Stupid or Stupidly Evil. And X is sometimes a thing I believe in, or at least don't hate with the same white-hot passion everyone else seems to, and now things are just... awkward. I hate awkward.

So that's really why. I don't think it's my place to lecture you, and especially not on complex subjects where everyone probably including the politicians leading either side and especially including their mouthy partisan advocates and surely including me is usually wrong; and just at the moment around these parts it's very hard to talk about these subjects without it sounding to at least someone like a lecture, so there we go. (I regard my previous election-related posts as more personal rambling than lecturing, since I wasn't trying to convince anyone to follow my point of view; though granted, even that skated close to the edge, thus inspiring this post.)

Maybe in the future this will change, but it's not the future yet. Thus, instead of ill-informed, half-baked opinions on politics, for the duration you're going to have to be satisfied with ill-informed, half-baked opinions on science fiction and video games. I know how disappointing that must sound!
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