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She blinded me with science...

As a rule I don't try to draw in a realistic style... um... well, ever, really. I think the last time I managed it was drawing a caricature of George H. W. Bush in a comic when I was a sophomore in high school. (He was enjoying a plate of broccoli, you see, which is how our heroes were able to realize that he was actually an android duplicate of the real President Bush Sr. Yeah, there's a reason why I'm the artist of A Miracle of Science and not the writer.) That said, I decided to try my hand recently at doing a "realistic" rendition of Caprice from MoS.

Looking at this sketch critically, her eyes are definitely still too big, and I was a little hazy on what to do with her neck, but overall, it worked out better than I thought it would. The only thing that I'm really dissatisfied with is that there should be a touch of a Chinese look to her face, since Caprice's mother is Chinese.

What made this a particular challenge is that the generic anime style (and therefore my own usual art style which is almost painfully derivative of same) is highly stylized. There are a lot of details of the face that just go straight out the window, or more accurately never existed in the first place: laugh lines, the upper nose, the folds of the ear, the philtrum, and so forth. Magic-ing them up from nothing takes some effort.

For that matter it was also necessary to figure out just how attractive I genuinely pictured Caprice being: again, anime style is no help as it turns all women into supermodels. I settled on "reasonably pretty" but not gorgeous. (FYI, I honestly picture Benjamin as more of a handsome guy than Caprice is a beautiful woman. Dr. Juruna, on the other hand, is totally hot.)

Anyway. Interesting exercise. Might have to try it again sometime.
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