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MoS update.

Again, I'm not satisfied. Bah. I have to figure out what's wrong with my workflow. I wonder if that "3 AM" thing might be part of it? Naaaaah.

Today's Netflix item was National Treasure, a movie that came out a few years ago. I saw it in the theater under some odd circumstances I can't quite fully remember for some reason; I was in California or something? With a car? What was I doing in California with a car? I have no idea. Oh, wait! It was December 2004, I was in San Francisco for this conference thingy, okay, that's cleared up -- see, at the same time I was suffering from some hideous grippe, or possibly ague, and so the details are sketchy in my mind. That aside I do recall quite enjoying the film. And I'm happy to report that when I saw the movie just now on DVD, it measured up to my positive recollections.

Rather than write an elaborate review I'll just summarize: Contrary to what you might have learned from TV and movies, the United States has many places in it which are not Los Angeles, and there are lots of people in it who are not drug dealers. It also has a whole bunch of history which is really pretty exciting and even inspiring stuff when you get right down to it. Appropriate these elements for your story background, wrap a traditional treasure hunt narrative and a bit of a heist around the whole thing, add some appealing actors, carefully avoid worrying about the absurdity of your plot, and you get National Treasure, a generally fun time. I give it 61 stars out of 45.

Next in the queue: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.!
Tags: a miracle of science, comics, media
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