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MoS update.

So yeah. Although my sleep-deprived state may have hashed it up, I actually tried to bring across in my art that Benjamin was surprised at Pindar's sudden acquiescence -- he wasn't deliberately playing the "robots are people" card, as far as he's concerned that's just how things are, an obvious fact of life.*

I got some new stuff from the comic store yesterday:

  • The second Penny Arcade collection, hilariously titled Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings. There are of course no sword kings, magic, or epic legends whatsoever in the book.
  • A Warren Ellis collection whose name escapes me.
  • Genshiken vol. 6. It's... it's too great. Man, what wouldn't I give up to have Kio Shimoku's writing talent or his artistic talent, never mind both? (Hmm, and now that I've written that, I'm not sure Shimoku is "he." I would have been in the past, but after this volume I'm not quite so certain. The Internet is surprisingly coy on the subject.)
  • The first collection of Action Philosophers. Did you know that before he became a big-time philosopher Plato was a professional wrestler, and in fact "Plato" (ancient Greek for "broad" referring to his shoulders) was his stage name in the ring? I did not know that.

* Note -- I deleted some other remarks I'd made here. Like everyone else, I have certain strong opinions about the world situation; I'm not ashamed of them but there's a time and place for everything and "in the middle of an unrelated comment, so abbreviated that they don't make any sense" certainly isn't it.
Tags: a miracle of science, good things, nerd
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