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MoS update.


So let's see, what did I do this weekend? Some mass media was consumed. I saw "Superman Returns"...

Well, it wasn't, you know... bad. Not bad per se. There was some stuff I liked.

I mean, you know, the bit where Superman actually needed the help of regular people to succeed -- I liked that. And the flying, the flying was good. And the bombastic John Williams score, probably the best thing he ever did. And the actors were good. And I will say that I loved seeing Superman saving people from stuff (crashing planes, bank robbers, gas main explosions, you name it.) I can't get enough of that. It's fundamentally why I like the whole idea of comic-book superheroes.

Also, from the moment the big ball atop the Daily Planet building appeared on screen I knew that thing was comin' down, and the movie did not disappoint in that respect.

That being said, I liked the movie at the time, but afterwards doubts and questions started to creep in. Like, how could Superman throw the island into space if it was made of Kryptonite? That's the big one, really. Also, to be honest Lex Luthor's plan was rather stupid; if people really want to go live in the middle of an inhospitable, windswept waste hundreds of miles from civilization, there's plenty of room in downstate Illinois without having to build a whole new continent for the purpose.* And so on. Once you start picking at a superhero movie the whole thing starts to come apart. I dunno... in the end, my recommendation is equivocal at best; in the end it wasn't so much a story as just a bunch of stuff that happened.

* Don't give me grief or call me prejudiced against downstate. I lived there, man.

And I read Robert C. Wilson's The Chronoliths. Executive summary: Oh. Wow. Amazing. I could not put it down. I have some more thoughts on this book, but I'll save them for later (along with a special bonus insulting joke about the other author named Robert Wilson.)
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