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MoS update.

"A machine that detects Martians" vs. "A detector that is a Martian."

I note that I haven't updated this journal with anything besides MoS stuff for a few weeks. I assure you that actually plenty of interesting stuff has been happening: I've been hanging out in local coffee shops working hard on Star City (got all the way to the last scene!), I've been doing some interesting stuff at work and enjoyed the rare treat that is steak paid for by a vendor, I've worked on sketches for Afterlife Blues and some stuff to help out with the Otakon LARP, I saw the Field Museum's Evolving Earth exhibit with some people from the Art Night mailing list here in Chicago. It's not exactly a whirl of activity by normal standards, but... hmm, it kind of is by my standards. You know, I'm not sure where I'm going with this.
Tags: a miracle of science, comics, personal
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