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MoS update.

In color where available. And with new fanart! Yay.

So what else is going on?

  • I'm still working on Star City. I have implemented the basics of the city area -- the goal is to simulate the city grid of 13 streets and 13 avenues without actually having to construct 26x26 real rooms, something that would choke the Z-machine interpreter. The trick is to just have one room representing all the generic streets, link it to itself in every direction, and quietly rename it whenever the player moves.
  • That said, I was pretty busy the last several days because my sister came over to visit. We had a pleasant brunch at the Signature Room on Sunday (tres elegant) and took the El over to Oak Park to look for the house we grew up in. It's still there, as it happens, in excellent shape right in the middle of an alarmingly idyllic neighborhood. Odd experience that. She also rearranged all the furniture in my apartment, perhaps being fully aware that I'm far too lazy to move it back.
  • Playing Half-Life 2: Episode One, the first chapter in Valve's episodic content thingy. Hmm... my feelings are all over the map on it right now. The first part, inside the Citadel, is just made of solid awesome; it's full of gravity gun puzzles and nifty set-pieces, there are great scenes with Alyx, and in its wild originality it almost reminds me of Koumei Saitou's crazy mods. Later on, when you're running through City 17, is perhaps less impressive if only because the game returns to traditional first-person-shooter action not dissimilar to the original game's. Anyway, I haven't gotten to the end yet so we'll see how I feel when it's all wrapped up.
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