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Eh, this one's kind of lame, but I already did it, so I might as well upload it... More foolishments from Champions: Return to Arms (the first one is here.)

Champions allows you to choose a Good or Evil path at the start of the game, although that doesn't have a huge impact on gameplay -- in an odd display of cosmic symmetry, both Good and Evil center around horribly murdering everyone who gets in your way and then getting smashed into the ground by poorly balanced boss encounters until you take the game back to the store and trade it in for Metroid Prime 2. Note that our heroine Remy the Barbarian has chosen the Evil path, as does practically everyone who plays Champions. I'd suggest that this is generally done out of a desire to spite the representative of Good, that stuck-up, skanky, annoying Firiona Vie. Unfortunately it's not until after signing the papers that you find out that Natasla, the representative of Evil, is even more stuck-up, even more skanky, and even more annoying.
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