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omg teh joy

I was wondering why I hadn't heard back from Network Solutions, despite having faxed them the information they wanted to retrieve my account information last Friday. It turns out they did get it -- somebody just mistyped the new email address. That is now fixed at last thanks to NetSol's admittedly friendly and responsive customer service reps, so I have control over the domain again! Now all that's needed is for me to sign up some new hosting (probably at Dreamhost), reupload the site, point the DNS records at the new location and tell Yahoo! to go stuff themselves, and our crises will be solved and the lion will lay down with the lamb and everything will be rainbows and cupcakes forever.

That is of course dependent on if I get ten consecutive minutes to deal with the problem any time in the near future, since work has switched over from crisis mode to mega-crisis mode and I'm at the very pointiest end of the stick. I look forward to a nice dull week someday, with lots of relaxing time at home drawing and playing video games. Someday, I will achieve that dream. Someday.
Tags: a miracle of science, personal
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