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MoS update, and site news.

"And I'd like to thank my parents, God and Ayn Rand."

If you're curious what was the deal with our latest hosting problems, it turns out that now all of a sudden we are (or were) over disk quota, contrary to the last customer service guy's calm assurance that there was no disk quota. (And naturally, Yahoo! couldn't be bothered to send an email or any such thing before their hideous robots did their job.) So for the time being, my site is in low-power mode; I've taken down just about everything except for MoS and Planetsiders. That should basically give us enough room to keep running for the interval.

So we should switch hosts, right? Yes, we should. But first I have to convince Network Solutions that I'm who I say I am, since their contact information for the domain is a solid five years out of date. This involves faxing them all sorts of stuff including my driver's license with my current address on it. But of course my driver's license also still has my old address. So I have to get that updated. So what with one bureaucratic dance and another, it may be a while. Sigh.
Tags: a miracle of science, comics, personal
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