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I knew I shouldn't have stirred the tanks!

My site,, was registered precisely five years ago this week. I thought that Yahoo! Website Services Global Omnicognolith LLC was supposed to automatically renew my domain name as part of the webhosting contract, but apparently not. And I want to complain that I didn't receive any renewal notices, which is technically true, but I left that email address, address, and phone number behind along with the rest of the detritus from Dismal Small Town. So as much as I'd like to blame some giant impersonal corporation, I've got to accept that it's my fault. Durh...

I'll give Network Solutions this much: their phone number is prominently displayed on their customer contact page, and a chirpy operator answered my call after about one minute of holding and cheerfully accepted a stack of money in exchange for a nine-year renewal. (I don't think it's going to take nine years to finish the story though. At least, I hope not...) So MoS and all the rest of it ought to be back as soon as the DNS propagates, within 24 hours at most.

The comic, therefore, will be updated tomorrow when there's a site to update it on! And thanks for the worried emails asking where MoS went, which were a big ego-boost and also a, uh, useful reminder.

(Lessons learned: keep your DNS contact information up to date. Dang.)
Tags: a miracle of science, website
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