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Planetsiders update.

Yes, a new page.

This was a difficult comic to write. Because it was actually the very first Mail Call submission and a perfectly decent one, I was basically required to do a comic for it. But for the longest time I couldn't come up with a decent punchline; the script went through three different versions, including one where Maho and Inoperable came to blows over whether Hermione should end up with Ron or Harry. (Don't ask. I think I was drunk.) The end result was, hmm, okay. It was probably unconsciously influenced by this old joke, which I first heard in relation to the Persian Gulf War but is claimed to go back at least to the American Civil War and probably all the way to Roman times. ("And while the Gaul and I were shaking hands a chariot ran over us!")

The comic is technically inaccurate, by the way, as the ability to easily run enemy soldiers down with your vehicle was nerfed long ago after an epidemic of people using fleets of unarmed tanks and support vehicles as their primary assault weapons.
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