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Tell it to the Xmas bunny, kid!

I guess technically I should save this to be the Christmas comic for Planetsiders, but I can't resist showing it off to readers of this LJ. (Actually, I bet more people read this LJ than read Planetsiders, but never mind that little detail...)

A bit slapdash, granted, but I think it has a certain charm and, dare I say it, cuteness. Inoperable is putting some of the continents in Planetside on her Christmas list, by the way.

It is weirdly cool how these two completely random characters started out as total ciphers and now have evolved to have genuine personalities (in my mind, anyway.) I can now sort of understand why so many webcomic artists try to do more and more elaborate stories with their characters. If I ever turn Planetsiders from a silly little gag comic into an epic year-long story arc of intricate betrayal and lost love, though, I urge you to smack me until I snap out of it.
Tags: art, planetside
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