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Sneak Preview!

You can blame ronebofh...

In other, unrelated news, Vernor Vinge's new novel is bearing down on us fast (well, by the glacial standards of the publishing industry, anyway: it's coming out in May.) The usual suspects, advance reading copies in hand, are saying it's his best novel yet. The only reason I'm a little nervous is that a) the preview novellas/short stories that have appeared here and there haven't quite grabbed me, and b) these are the same usual suspects who are big fans of Ken MacLeod. But hell, it's Vernor freakin' Vinge, the man who invented the concept of the Singularity and then stopped writing about it years ago because he came up with more interesting ideas. He more than gets the benefit of the doubt far as I'm concerned.

I also give Vinge mad bonus points for writing a book that's not a sequel or a remake of anything. I didn't know they were still making those.
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