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Comic update.

Teh here. Three items I wish to mention:

1) It's funny how that "wait, wait! You can't shoot me, you're a ____" thing works right up until the moment it doesn't.

2) How serious is Benjamin? I suspect Benjamin is more serious than he thinks he is.

3) So I picked up Wild Arms: Alter Code F a few days ago and have been playing it over the Thanksgiving weekend. So far it's an enjoyable experience. Alter Code F is a remake of the original Wild Arms which came out for the Playstation 1 back around the Final Fantasy 7 days. The Wild Arms series was always overshadowed by its flashier cousin, but the first two games were fun RPGs in their own right (though the less said about Wild Arms 3, the better.) Alter Code F has moved the original game's graphics forward (not too far, granted, but at least to 2002 or so), beefed up the storyline, and improved the gameplay with a lot of the innovations that appeared in later games, such as the search gadget for identifying locations on the world map, an elaborate skills system, and a whole bunch of mechanisms that let you manage random encounters. Wild Arms was always a game that deserved better technology than it got, and the Alter Code F upgrade fits it like a glove.

That said, I'm not always in a hurry to pick up RPG remakes, no matter how well done, ever since I got kinda burned by the Skies of Arcadia Gamecube release. I might have let Alter Code F sit for a while, except that they took the minor character of the lady scientist Emma Hetfield, gave her a much bigger part in the story, made her a playable character, and...

Yeah, I am so weak. Yet I don't feel at all bad about it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd better shut up before I accidentally give away what would cause me to instantly buy a remake of Wild Arms 2.
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