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Comic update.

Teh here. Jury duty was fine, thank you for asking. I'll probably comment a little bit more tomorrow, as while I was downtown I took all these photos with my cellphone camera I'd like to put on this journal. But, I have to wait a bit because of something or other to do with not wanting to pay a zillion dollars to upload the photos.

Random link of the day is this interview with Adam Foster, the creator of the most excellent Half-Life 2 single-player mod Minerva: Metastasis. It's just refreshing to read an interview with a mod creator who has his head on straight. The discussion about how so many mod creators shoot for the moon, assemble a huge team, try to replace 90% of the game, and then due to overambition fail dismally to get past the "weapon-render" stage of development was especially good. Reading the interview made me nostalgic for my own brief career in level creation. Not much of a career, although Otakon DOOM was very cool; afterwards I noodled around with some Quake 2 levels and got fairly far with one of them, but my level was too PACKED WITH AWESOME for the level editor and my slow computer to handle and that was the end of it. Maybe I should try again; I remembered this cool idea I had once, see -- heck, how hard could it be...?
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