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Comic update.

The usual disclaimers about how I will catch up with coloring, et cetera, apply. Altho' I have to admit the dramatic black and white contrast doesn't look too bad at this dramatic moment in the story.

Today I finished Jack McDevitt's latest novel, Seeker. And, hmm. I have to admit, he really had to bend a lot of metal and shoehorn this into that and bang some stuff quite out of shape, but he really has turned the epic, dramatic milieu of his early novel A Talent for War into a rather neat little foundation for a series of SF-archeology-detective novels, starring Chase Kolpath as the long-suffering Boswell to Alex Benedict, the narrator of the first novel and now seen as something of a legend-in-his-own-mind. I have an urge to draw a sketch of those two... anyway, the summary: to my slight surprise I'd have to classify Seeker as one of McDevitt's best books in quite a while: it's got an elegant mystery at the core which works and keeps you guessing what'll happen next until the end. I think I'd have to go all the way back to Moonfall to pick the last one I enjoyed as much as this. I still wish McDevitt would break away from his indulgence in multi-book series for a while, but if they're all going to be as good as this one I won't complain quite as much.

I also watched Genshiken DVD vol. 2 while drawing the comic. It was just too lovely seeing how the manga stories were expanded on, especially the club's attempt to acquire new members; in the anime they head out for a drinking party to welcome the two newcomers, which of course ends up several times as disastrous. The snippets of Kujibiki Unbalance frequently seen in these episodes are doubly hilarious for being such stereotypical cheesy anime. And, yes, I'm digging the English voice cast who've really found their footing in this volume, most especially including Rachael Lillis as Ohno.

I guess that's it. Go in peace, sin no more, I'm out of here!
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