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Planetsiders update.

It's here, or just behind this cut...

It's too bad that the mysterious Auraxian Core couldn't have seen fit to supply me with a decent punchline for the comic, but I guess they can't all be gems.

I'm adding a feature to the comic where readers are invited to send in questions for Inoperable and Mahoroba to answer in a future Mail Call. I'm not going to stress about whether or not I get anything, as this is a very small and obscure comic. But hey, if someone does, it might be fun.

I wanted to mention also that I found this link recently to some online collections of Bill Mauldin's famous "Willie and Joe" cartoons from World War II. Let me emphasize that there is not even the remotest comparison between what I do and what Mauldin did. I'm just saying that, well, poking fun at a simulated war and poking fun at a real one... it struck me as kind of a neat parallel, is all. Anyway, Mauldin was one of a kind and you should definitely check his stuff out.
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