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Bonus update unlocked!

I spent a lazy Saturday afternoon going back through the recent pages of MoS and fixed up a few things.

Most importantly, I colored the black-and-white page 306, page 309, and page 320. But also I added the missing glow effects to page 297 and recolored the last panel of page 319. 319 is the most important -- I wanted to have the right ominous nighttime atmosphere going on outside, since, um, some stuff's going to happen there shortly, he said evasively.

Not too shabby really. (Now watch me fail to get 321 done on time.)

Hmm, I was wondering if maybe I should go back and batch-export the while comic with lower JPEG compression. I couldn't help but note that the pages look a little gruesome with the current level of compression -- something I didn't notice until I got my new monitor which actually has correct color balance. Oh well. La de da.
Tags: a miracle of science, comics
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