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Ah, there's a flaming moose blocking traffic on I-35W northbound.

So here's another sketchy comic, but a pretty good-looking one for all that. It's based on Champions: Return to Arms, the cheesy hack-and-slash Everquest-based console game, and after the LJ-cut I'll tell you why I'd do such a thing.

All set? OK.

I blame Mystery Science Theater 3000. I was a big MST3K fan for a majority of the show's run, and for various reasons ended up learning a lot about how the show worked behind the scenes: how the folks at Best Brains went about choosing movies to make fun of, what they anchored their jokes on, and so forth. Once you get into that mindset it sticks with you. So often when I'm playing a video game and am faced with a typical absurdity of the medium (a mission to defeat/evade an entire dungeon full of monsters unarmed and in your underwear? The heck?) I can't help but make fun of it. And sometimes, that ends up as a cartoon like the one you're looking at now.

The best MST3K episodes, both in the opinions of fans and the show's creators, were when the target movie really... wasn't that bad. The epitome of "not really that bad" movies on MST3K was the famed set of Russo-Finish films, The Magical Voyage of Sinbad, Jack Frost and The Day The Earth Froze. Competent execution crossed with a fundamental deep-down ridiculousness that the movie doesn't quite realize proved to make for the best comedic material. And in that respect, the Snowblind engine games -- Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and the Champions titles in particular -- are the video game equivalent of the Russo-Finish troika.

I never did finish that mission, by the way.
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