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A Theorem on Genre Literature

Inspired to finally write this down by a terrible Steve Perry book I wish I hadn't paid $7.95 for:

The more your main characters "smile," "grin," or "chuckle," the worse your book is. Double penalties apply to every "crooked grin" and quadruple penalties apply to every "shit-eating grin."

I haven't quite figured out why it works yet, but trust me, it does.
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It's possible to go too far the other way. For example, reading a John Scalzi book. In the brief interval before your brain squeezes itself out your ears and flings itself out a window to end the pain, you'll enjoy passages like this:

"X," Character 1 said.
"Y," Character 2 said.
"X2," Character 1 said.
"Y2," Character 2 said.

...and so on.

Disclaimer: Do not read a John Scalzi book. He sucks.

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September 25 2015, 07:33:11 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 25 2015, 07:37:10 UTC

...oh, I, ah, see what you did there.

This particular Perry is kind of your typical trashy genre milSF writer. I don't mean that as a criticism -- I read lots of trashy genre milSF and enjoy it. However, I do mean this as a criticism: I really hated all the protagonists in this book of Perry's and wanted them to die in a fire.

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