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Wow, that one previous post got more responses than I think my Tumblr has gotten the entire time it's existed. :P That's my one complaint about Tumblr: it would be so much nicer if it had a more functional comment system attached, or indeed any kind of system at all. That reblog stuff just ain't cutting it.

So anyway I guess people do still read this LJ through one avenue or another! That makes me smile. I'll try to post here a little more often from now on. That being said, the indie game programming I'm doing will continue to be updated over at my Mayfly Studio Tumblr. I post there reasonably often and I do even have one or two things there for download, including a six-level demo of Neon Galaxy. No lie!

To answer the most common question, by the way: No news I can mention on Afterlife Blues at the moment, though it's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask about. The earliest anything could happen would probably be later this summer or early fall, after Otakon.

On a completely unrelated note, if you're playing Dragon's Dogma on the PS3 please feel free to hire my pawn, Miang (check the username "ksleet"). She likes long walks on the beach, pointing out that the tail has been severed, and calling down an apocalyptic storm of huge meteors to kill the last half-dead hobgoblin remaining in a fight.
Tags: afterlife blues, games, looming future, neon galaxy, site news
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