Mark Sachs (ksleet) wrote,
Mark Sachs

Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.

I'm just curious if there's still anyone reading this LJ, or if Livejournal's audience has completely dwindled to its eternal core of slash fiction reviewers, Russian political activists, skeevy soft-core pornographers, and Avatar: The Last Airbender fans who are still angry about the movie. Speak up, don't be shy!
Tags: looming future
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Strangely I fall into none of these categories!
I'm here. I've had to move the comic off the weekly check list, but I'm still here. I do read my MoS book on occasion for nostalgia, and wistfully look at the websites when I have time.



July 4 2012, 07:50:11 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  July 4 2012, 07:50:39 UTC

There's a confusing number of old-school-style SF fans still here, tho' some of them have decamped to Dreamwidth. Also, confusingly, a lot of people still read my band blog here, and comment here. So go fig.

Also, yay! You still exist. :D

Tumblr seems to have taken over, but there's still enough people active here that I check regularly.

Any news on afterlife blues?
Sadly nothing I can say at the present time. After Otakon later this summer would probably be the earliest anything could happen.

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Still here, because once something gets on my daily bookmark it almost never leaves. ;)

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Does RSS/Atom count? Because I am all over everywhere with that stuff.
I still check several times a day even though only two or three people ever post, to the point where I can't even remember the other people who used to be on here!
Still here, waiting to see what happens next in Afterlife Blues.

Oh, and you forgot the real core of LJ: ljdrama (which I've fortuantly managed to avoid so far).
My friends feed hasn't really dwindled, so I'm still here. Most of what I consume these days is via RSS though, Google Reader makes it so I never have to check a page to see if they updated.


July 4 2012, 20:36:09 UTC 5 years ago

It's still in my RSS feeds, on the off-chance that Afterlife Blues gets resurrected. I also follow the Mayfly Studios Tumblr.


July 4 2012, 21:34:20 UTC 5 years ago

Wow, I do my monthly check of this thing for news on Afterlife Blues (which I keep on my dailies for pure overwhelming hope), and what do I find? Word from Mark! Any chance of that coming back?

One day, J. Michael Straczynski will turn off the lights and explode the station, but until then, I am here.


July 5 2012, 19:55:59 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  July 5 2012, 19:57:08 UTC

I'm still here!

Mainly just to comment on things and read the blogs of people who haven't moved to Dreamwidth. I was never any good at blogging in the LJ format, but my Tumblr is doing well.

And I'm still hoping that Afterlife Blues will come back someday. I have yet to drop it to the 'completed or on eternal hiatus' section of my bookmarks menu.

Also at one point I made a Caprice in Rock Band 3 and put her up on the aforementioned Tumblr.
Please forgive me for jumping the gun, but I used my mad Google skillz to find the Caprice you made and it's awesome! Mind if the link is posted here?


5 years ago

I'm still here. Thinking I should post more, though.

I'm not ready to decamp to a new social platform that I'd post to just as little.
Somehow, I missed this. I'm here.
Waiting for updates...
N) A Miracle of Science was extremely enjoyed, and Afterlife Blues (and sometimes related locations) is checked every few months so that it isn't missed if it continues or more information becomes available. It is relieving that it has not been given up on or forgotten. (So much curiosity about the 'twist(/s)' to the story that has/have been referred to without being revealed...)

M) Please take however much time you need to accomplish what you want to without leaving regrets.
still reading..
Still hopeful that there will be more. and echo the sentiments of Sharpsight above..

(still watching your DA account as well..) :D


3 years ago