Mark Sachs (ksleet) wrote,
Mark Sachs


I've always found it frustrating when people I read just randomly drop out of sight so I figured I at least owed folks this much of an update.

There is a lot of personal stuff going on which I'm not sure I'm up to talking about in public, just at the moment, but it has squeezed out most of my activities that I usually talk about here. I am putting up the odd post on my gamedev blog at Other than that, though, things are likely to be quiet around the LJ for a while.

That's all for now.
Tags: personal
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I had wondered if something was up. Good luck with the recovery. I hope it's nothing like sci fi author Peter Watts' recent bout of necrotic fasciitis :)
Huh, your comment was screened for some reason. That was weird.

Anyway, thanks.


March 31 2011, 07:11:07 UTC 7 years ago

Mark. Don't worry about it. It's good to see a post about it but, seriously, if webcomic readers aren't used to disappearing acts by now...

Besides, at least we can be consoled (or not?) by the fact that yours is not without reason. Get better. We'll still be here.
I wanted to leave a note to say, I'm sad that you're still on hiatus. I love the comic and hope it comes back some day. (I also want to buy the second book of MoS, but I'll try to keep my raging entitlement in check. ;)

I hope whatever made things complicated and stressful has improved. *virtual hugs and best wishes*
Well, hey - thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it.

Jon and I are actually trying to get this thing moving again, so hopefully there'll be good news soon on that front.
I'm glad to hear that there is some action on this front! I just bought the first MoS book on Lulu (and left a comment on Jon's LJ before I found yours) and I hope that everything goes well for you guys so that you can bring us more wonderful things :) MoS is one of my favorite webcomics of all time and even if you never release more comics I want to personally thank you for all of the great work you've already done. I recently came across a character in a novel saying "In a perfect world" (specifically, Black Jack Geary in The Lost Fleet:Victorious) and it made me think of your mad scientists again :) Hopefully you are not suffering from SRMD... I'd be concerned that your next webcomic would be weaponized!
Yay! Like the other people who have commented, I've really enjoyed what's been written and posted so far (Thank you!), and am looking forward to more of it.