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Afterlife Blues update!!

Welp, back at it then. I'd like to say I've been up to all sorts of crazy and exciting things the past few weeks but... no, not really.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics
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Missed that bit about dimensions the first time it was mentioned, assumed it was the standard "hyperspace is a dimension where lightspeed is higher/distances are shorter" explanation. So in fact the whole mileu is set in the environs of the Solar System, just across multiple dimensions? Interesting. It's like I'm suddenly reading a whole different science fiction story.
Not quite as impressive as a generator efficiency measurement, but I DID manage to weigh a turkey using a broom, a chair back (fulcrum), two 1l bottles of water, and a tape measure. To within 200 grams (error likely due to mass of the tray the turkey was on, mass of the plastic bottles themselves, and locating the CoG of the turkey+tray). And faster than the time taken to phone the person who purchased the turkey. My high school physics teacher would be proud. I should buy him a Klien Stein in thanks.