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I cede the balance of my time to the instrumental bit from Freebird.

So today I reviewed the list of enemies in my Neon Galaxy design doc and was rather shocked to see that after today (when I added burst fire capability, actions taken upon receiving damage or dying, and the ability to pick up items) I've implemented, at least on a basic level, all the AI features I need for every single enemy on the list. That's crazy! How could I have gotten so much done??

This is at least an appropriate moment to consider the whole Mayfly Studio Tumblr thing I've been doing for the past several weeks. Now, on the one hand, I really like using Tumblr. It's so convenient to just toss a screenshot into the hopper, type a few words, and off it goes, that I have to restrain myself from putting in an update whenever I implement every little thing. And it's also nice to review it and see all the NG updates in one convenient place; it reminds me of how much progress I've been making on the thing. But on the other hand, I get orders of magnitude less feedback on the Tumblr than I used to do when I posted the big updates here on Livejournal. I guess it's part due to the friction in asking people to head over to another site to read something, and part due to Disqus being pretty terrible for writing comments in (and don't get me wrong, I'm not trolling for comments here!) but either way that's still too bad.

Realistically, I suppose I should just stick with the Tumblr and work towards getting the game in a state where I'm comfortable announcing it in a larger forum, such as TIGsource; no doubt that'll get more people reading about it, and at that point I'll be glad to have a focused blog for the game.

On an unrelated note, holy cow the new OMD album. I can't stop listening to "History of Modern Pt. 1" over and over again.
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