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Afterlife Blues update.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

So one thing I thought was important about this bit is that despite her breezy attitude Faith got kind of beaten up and had to flee the scene leaving vital clues behind. This is a good thing. Not because I want to see Faith getting beaten up in and of itself, but because it's important for the heroes to be genuinely impeded. I've read too many lousy stories, fanfiction especially, where the protagonists win every single fight, each villain is killed off the scene after they appear, and the only time anything happens to interrupt their unbroken series of victories is the equivalent of a cutscene in a video game, where due to some absurd contrivance the bad guys get to kill some minor characters and burn down Good Guy HQ or whatever to add a bit of pathos before it's back to the unbroken triumphs. Having a bad guy who can cause legitimate grief is a part of avoiding Cutscene Syndrome.

Ya know, I've meant to write a little essay about that topic for years. I think I basically failed just now, but oh well, at least it's out in the open.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics
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