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Afterlife Blues update.

Page 200! I guess in theory we should have a celebratory CG or something but ehh, I'd rather get the comic finished. I've never been fond of the webcomics habit of interrupting the story with CGs or fanart or whichever, though thankfully it doesn't happen nearly as often now as it used to back in the day.

In Neon Galaxy update news, I've uploaded a few more posts to the Mayfly Studio Tumblr, so check 'em out if you're into that.

So. I haven't talked about podcasts lately, have I? Since my employers moved to a new office several miles away I now have just enough of a commute that it's worth piling 'em up again. Here's what I'm regularly listening to these days, all available on iTunes:

The Command Line Podcast. Still a good source of computer science and security-related news.
Doctor Who: Tin Dog Podcast. Still my favorite Doctor Who podcast. The guy who does it clearly just loves the show so much.
The Ricochet Podcast. Danger: politics! Ignore if you don't like politics. But it does have James Lileks on it, a guy who I've always been a big fan of -- pity he hasn't been doing The Diner much these days. Because he's putting his podcast time into Ricochet, I guess.
WARNING! A Huge Podcast. I just found this one and to my surprise I really got into it. Normally the longer a podcast is, the worse it is, and your average three hour long podcast tends to be a ridiculous mess of self-indulgent nonsense and endless rambling. But this one (on Japanese gaming and the Japanese game industry, a topic I happen to be extremely interested in) is actually focused, entertaining, and hits on lots of obscure news I'd never have come across myself. It also doesn't hurt that it only comes out once every month or so, so they accumulate enough news items to make a three hour podcast worthwhile. That being said, it takes me several days to listen to the whole thing.
Writing Excuses. Brief and entertaining discussion about the art of writing by Howard Tayler, Brandon Sanderson, and Dan Wells. Just as good as it ever was.

Realistically this more than covers my podcast needs, though I'm still keeping an eye out for a good anime podcast. (It's odd, and probably not flattering, that I'm far more interested in anime blogs and podcasts than I am in actually watching any anime, but that's a psychological issue for another time.) I listened to an episode of ANNCast and it wasn't bad, but it was purely about Evangelion and I don't know what their normal quality is like. I've also been looking for something about bleeding-edge science and technology, kinda like Singularity Ahead except, you know, still running. Suggestions are welcome!

I was also going to ask for something about interesting and unusual music, since I thought the Clockwork Cabaret had ended. But it turns out there was just some sort of weird iTunes hiccup and I had to resubscribe to it. Still, I'm interested to know what else is out there.
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