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My Tank Has A Great Big Gun

Though I haven't resolved one hundred percent of the outstanding issues yet, here's the next Neon Galaxy enemy: the Ratte.

This guy, who would probably be considered a mini-boss, was a good choice to implement because it exercises a number of game systems we haven't seen yet. In particular:

  • Child objects. The Ratte has an independently rotating turret in the center and the four weak points on its sides, which are all unique "enemy" entities in the game, just attached to the parent.
  • Weak points. Hit the weak points for MASSIVE DAMAGE Wow, it sure is 2006 in here. Anyway, the Ratte's hull is indestructible and it is defeated by destroying the weak points.
  • Enemy gunfire. The Buzz Bomb and Solid Fuel Drone attack by ramming; by contrast the Ratte will try to shoot you with the giant turret.

    The weak points are a new feature, but child objects and enemy weapon fire were already in the engine. And it turns out there were some major problems with all of those, so it was good to get that sorted. As far as being a powerful enemy itself, I was thinking of adding homing missile fire to the Ratte -- another new feature, not implemented yet -- but if you don't have wildly overpowered weapons it's a pretty tough customer even with just the one turret. So I may hold off on that for the moment and get on with other things.
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