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Afterlife Blues update.

The usual place.

While doing today's experiment, I was watching the movie Blown Away on cable. It's not a bad flick, but what struck me the most is just how incredibly good it looks. In that way, I've kinda realized, it fits in with a whole bunch of early '90s thrillers -- movies like this one, Sneakers, Speed, The Hunt for Red October, and others. They have beautiful, rich colors, extensive location work (well, maybe not the last one), great cinematography. I think it's because by that point we'd gotten really, really good at moviemaking but CGI wasn't good enough for directors to just lazily rely on it, so they had to stretch themselves to make it all work. It adds something when you know that they actually blew up that huge boat, or cleared out space in front of a famous building and filled it with extras and vehicles, instead of just relying on the effects guys to add it all in post.

Game-wise I am close to the end of Sakura Wars on the Wii. As it's getting wrapped up I have to say I really like it. You do need a high level of tolerance for surrealistic anime nonsense, but if you can manage that you'll find it mixes a charming sort of visual novel thing with a very accessible tactical mech battle game. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the battles, honestly, since I usually can't stand any kind of tactical gameplay. Am I enjoying it because I do like tactical stuff after all, or is it just because it melds well with the character driven quality of the rest of the game? Who can say! Also, speaking of characters, I picked Subaru in the end. That result was a surprise too, considering at the beginning I thought she was completely ridiculous, but it turns out I was in error -- she is actually ridiculously awesome.

Finally, webcomic-wise, the latest update to MS Paint Adventures just makes me want to cry. When I'm late with a page, people just get a page. When Andrew Hussie is late, he comes back with a freakin' Flash-powered mini-RPG with music, extensive dialog, and even Easter eggs. Dammit, dude, cut it out, you're making the rest of us look bad.
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