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On the topic of tourism...

That whole thing in Jon's column today about "Gosh, I've lived in X for years, but I've never seen Y" is completely true. If you actually live near a tourist attraction, there's no rush to see it, right? Since you can go any time? Then you move to a new city, never having seen the attraction. I was definitely like that when I lived in Philadelphia; I was there for five years, never saw the Liberty Bell, could probably count the number of times I visited the city without taking off my shoes and socks. Moved out eventually and never did get around to seeing the stupid thing.

I've been better about that since moving to Boston. But:

a) It's easier to see stuff here once you manage to actually get into the city, because Boston's downtown, North End included, is tiny. At a brisk walk you could probably get from the site of the Boston Tea Party (in the south) to Bunker Hill (in the north) in under an hour.
b) Even so -- I went on the Pirates & Patriots History Trail guided tour a weekend or three ago. The tour starts at Fanueil Hall and takes in such locations as the various pubs where the Founding Fathers hung out and Paul Revere's home, ending at the Old North Church. Of those taking the tour, I was the only local. The next nearest person lived in North Carolina. Then Texas, and after that, Australia.

So! What thing have you never gotten around to seeing, despite living in X for years?
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