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Afterlife Blues update.

Here. Jeez, is this a LiveJournal or an oil painting? I would have sworn that Emory's yakking about digits of pi last time would have provoked some argument...

If you were curious, my plan for this weekend is to tear down my DeviantArt account. I'm looking forward to seeing the back of that thing, as I've decided I'm really tired of DeviantArt and its narcissistic, cliquish, conformist, corporate-hipster culture. (Yes, I've said that already. It bears repeating.) Not to worry, in case you're one of the two or three people who liked the stuff on there: I'm keen to put everything worthwhile back up somewhere else. I'm still welcoming suggestions in that department, though I'll probably default to Tumblr if that's how it ends up; always wanted to try one of those.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, personal
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