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Afterlife Blues update.

Here as one might expect.

I was watching movies on cable while drawing today's experiment, as is my wont. The film I saw today was the recent Sherlock Holmes flick, which I am on record as saying was pretty good, and rewatching it just reinforced that opinion. Towards the end I was thinking about the remarkably excellent music in the film, and then when the credits rolled I saw that it was by none other than Hans Zimmer -- the same dude who did the remarkably excellent soundtrack to Inception. Neat. That guy's pretty talented!

Not a whole lot else has been going on, really. I have been working on the sprite landscape thing and making quite a lot of progress, but none of it is the sort which is visible in screenshots -- besides a lot of internal reworking, the main thing is transitional tech so it's possible to load new landscape styles and blend between them. The general goal has been to get the landscape system 100% functional so it doesn't act as a drag on the rest of the development, as happened with Neon Galaxy where I was constantly fooling with the map system instead of making meaningful progress on the rest of the game. We'll see how that goes, of course.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, media, programming
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