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Afterlife Blues update.

In the usual place, only slightly delayed by some scanner-related shenanigans. You may notice that I'm sticking with the art style experiments I was fooling with. I think it's an improvement, although drawing the hair in a more realistic fashion does look strange in the case of characters like Liraz or [REPORTER'S NAME REDACTED] who have oddly stylized hair.

This is Labor Day weekend in the US. I'm not expecting much in the way of excitement, other than going to a BBQ with some folks from work on Saturday, but I am hoping to have more time to work on my sprite landscape engine deal. I have been able to rejigger it so that, instead of the landscape endlessly wrapping as you travel, the engine now generates new landscape chunks as you fly forward. (And it doesn't need to spread the task between frames after all. I was simply out of date -- modern computers are more than capable of generating a whole 256x256 chunk in a single frame.) It is frankly pretty damn sweet, even in its current rough state; I've always wanted to implement something like this that allows endless exploring. Ideally I'd like to smooth out the boundaries between chunks and add the ability to transition between landscape types; if I implemented all that, I'd have pretty much everything I want from the landscape engine for the purposes of the game I have in mind.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, programming
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