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Relationship Advice from Hearts Boxcars

If you were wondering, I've decided to bail on the Experimental Gameplay Project this month. All those computer shenanigans pretty much screwed up my schedule. It's all for the best, though -- thanks to my alternative work the Mac game engine is now fully split apart into unique projects with common engine code, some old obsolete stuff like a half-assed attempt at a voxel engine is tossed, and I'm rocking Mercurial for source control instead of wasting my time with dumb ol' Subversion. The only real problem is that Neon Galaxy got badly messed up during the operation. That's not surprising, since it had the most game code entwined with engine stuff. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with that project at this point, so for now I'm not thinking about it and poking at the sprite landscape thing instead. It would be fun if I could make it auto-generate additional landscape as you fly forward, instead of endlessly wrapping around... the challenge there is that since generating landscape is expensive, the task needs to be divided up amongst multiple frames. Either that, or run it in a separate thread. Should be interesting, anyway.

For those who expressed interest in beta-testing the Experimental Gameplay title to flush out Mac compatibility issues, a) thank you and b) I may end up tossing an updated version of Runout up for you to try sometime, if you don't mind. I've already fixed the issues with joypad detection, at least to the extent possible under SDL. Said library doesn't support controller pull notification, so the only way to detect changes is to restart the joystick subsystem, something you can't really continuously do at runtime without tanking your framerate. However, it's at least tolerable to poll before the game starts until a controller is plugged in, so that'll do for the moment. The real solution is presumably to muck around in the USB interface code in OSX to detect devices getting added and removed, but I'm frankly not in any rush to do that.
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