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Am writing this from my replacement iMac. This monitor is so big it doesn't all fit into my peripheral vision. Jesus.

It turns out they gave me the entry-level 27" model to replace my old iMac, which was top of the line in May 2008. However, the current entry-level model has a substantially better processor (3.2 GhZ i3 vs. Core 2 Duo), better video card (Radeon 5670), and faster memory, as well as unibody construction, cab-forward design, and a free set of fuzzy dice to hang from the rear view mirror, so I'm going to have to call this a victory for the good guys. Since it's a new machine they told me I have to buy a new AppleCare contract if I want extended warranty coverage, which... honestly is not such a huge imposition, considering. You may all go ahead and shake your heads disgustedly at me now.

The only real loss at the end of all this is my Windows partition, which didn't make it over from the old machine. I'm currently debating with myself whether to bother setting up Boot Camp again. The main, or rather only, thing I did on the PC side was play games, an area where the Mac -- while not quite as bad as it used to be -- is still pretty dire. But it's really not like I ever bothered to do even that very much at all. But on the third hand, I will miss that ridiculously modded version of Oblivion I had going over there. Plus there is this one single program, a certain RPG character creator written in VB, that I really need to run. Hmm, perhaps I can use WINE...

Addendum: Wow. WINE is a gigantic pain in the ass to use. The Gimp was also a gigantic pain in the ass to use, as was InkScape. Hmm, I'm starting to notice a certain commonality here. At any rate, has anybody out there ever managed to get a Visual Basic application (that apparently uses ActiveX?) to run under WINE on OSX?
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