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Afterlife Blues update.

Against all expectations. You would not believe the endless nitpicky arguments Jon and I had about where exactly Liraz is supposed to be standing during this scene.

I finally heard back from the Apple store on getting my computer fixed, again (I never got around to explicitly mentioning this, but something video-related broke last Sunday, leaving me stuck on the laptop and entirely Photoshop-less until it was repaired.) After a week and a half waiting for parts, they said they couldn't fix it. So... apparently they're going to give me a new one. And since the 24" iMac has been discontinued and it was a custom build anyway, I'm... apparently going to get a 27" one as a replacement.

Jeez, I don't think I can even lift one of those things. But overall I'm going to have to count this as a positive outcome.

In addition, without all the distractions on my old computer I ended up installing Xcode on the laptop and spent a fair bit of time cleaning up and picking apart my game engine code to deal with various longtime idiocies such as compiling all the different projects into the same executable, plus getting it ready to swap in Mercurial for source control instead of damn-near-useless Subversion. So that's good too.
Tags: afterlife blues, comics, personal, programming
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