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Afterlife Blues update.

I'm sure this gentleman has everyone's best interests in mind.

I'm very happy with how this page came out, by the way. Fun background info: Riley Garland's character design is somewhat cribbed from an ancient project Jon and I were attempting once called Steam Wayfarer Gaia. He's wearing that big, ostentatious ring on his thumb because I saw Morgan Freeman wearing one in Wanted, which was on cable while I was drawing the page, and I realized it would be just perfect and added it in a last-minute change.

By the way, that movie really isn't very good. This is the second time around for me, and I've realized that even aside from the theme of dumbass aimless rebellion -- it was stupid in Fight Club and it's stupid now oh yeah I went there -- it really is one of those films that falls apart logically the more you watch it. Here's a freebie from the standoff in the library towards the end of the film. Isn't it odd that all of the assassins are exactly the same height as Angelina Jolie?

Think about it.

Yeaahh, see, you're getting it.

To make up for mentioning that movie, here's something I rewatched recently and kind of liked. It's an episode of the old Babylon 5 spinoff, Crusade. Though I was a huge B5 fan back in the day, I recall being lukewarm on Crusade for some reason. I certainly wasn't the only one with that opinion -- the show only lasted half a season, after all -- but I kind of think it was finding its feet towards the end. In support of that theory let me present to you Visitors from Down the Street. By the way, while watching this make sure to imagine it's 1999.

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