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Important notice on current events.

Whenever I turn on my iMac, the screen is riddled with green corruption and it kernel panics. I now have to bring it into the store tomorrow so Apple's witch doctors can apply poultices and wave chickens over it and so forth. Lessons learned:

1) I am suddenly very glad I let myself get talked into the AppleCare extended warranty.
2) I am suddenly very glad I signed up with BackBlaze. I just checked online and it's backed up as of earlier today, so if they decide the hard drive is toast as well, then personal files-wise all I'm losing is an hour or two of progress in Minecraft. Though coincidentally the computer blew up after I played Minecraft, so maybe I should just let that go??

Anyway, we're ultimately talking no major financial or personal penalties, just the potential inconvenience and aggravation of reinstalling all my applications and setting up Boot Camp again and rarg blarg hurr durr. So that's as good as could be expected. What this means for you, though, is that there won't be any more Afterlife Blues pages until the computer is repaired. Based on vague rumor I suspect it would take a week, but I don't really know for sure. Announcements will be made in all fashionable magazines and color supplements when we're ready to go again, and I thank you for your patience.
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