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Afterlife Blues update.

Bluh, etc. Now setting fire to the building you're currently in may seem like a rather gutsy, if not suicidal, move, but that's good solid cinderblock construction. It'll probably be almost fifteen minutes before the thing comes down, and really everything will be over one way or the other long before then.

In other news, I drew another thing from Homestuck:

It is of course the lovely and talented Parcel Mistress. Incidentally, I didn't fully get how strange the Exiles' anatomy is until I tried to draw one in an even remotely accurate fashion. They have these spindly limbs, giant balloon-like heads, bowlegged stance... The Exiles are really quite inhuman, something you don't immediately realize given how stylized everything already is in Homestuck. But all that being said, I'm very pleased with this thing. Frankly it's good enough that I have a hard time convincing myself that I drew it.
Tags: afterlife blues, art, comics
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