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News update and a link.

So if you're curious why the break in Afterlife Blues, I've been laid low by some sort of infectious horror from beyond time that has set up housekeeping in every open space in my skull. I would like to think that another week or so of rest and medication will take care of the situation. Yes, I would really like to think that. But at any rate, rest assured that we will resume normal service as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway.

In the meantime, just a quick link for you guys. Don Ferrone is the composer who wrote the music for Planetside. He has remixed versions of the Planetside music available for download in MP3 format from his website. That address is here. And man, just the first couple of notes of "New Travel Temperate" brought it all back. Planetside is unquestionably my favorite MMO ever and probably one of my favorite games ever, now that I think of it. If Sony actually ever comes through with that sequel they've been vaguely hinting at for a while I'm in there on day one.

Hmm, speaking of things which are like Planetside, looks like the Global Agenda demo just finished downloading. That any good?
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